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Aug 28 '13

Wind Whistler, Paradise and Gusty.

An interesting trio dynamic. WW and Paradise are both pegasi, but have diametrically opposed personalities. WW is a talking blue pegasus in a magic world who is all about LOGIC … Paradise is a talking orange pegasus in a magic world who is obsessed with fairy tales! And I imagine there’s be some conflict between WW (whose name implies weather powers similar to the g4 pegs) and Gusty, whose not only has a talent involving creating wind, but has a very brusque, brash personality.

Aaaaanyways, I liked how the sketch turned out. The color is just scribbly. Love Gusty’s 80’s hair, she looks like one of the Misfits from Jem & the Holograms. Think I finally got WW’s mane looking how I wanted it to look.

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